“Never dare to sell your soul for money, because no amount of wealth would buy you an air conditioner in hell.”

— Edmond Mbiaka

Cash your paycheck,
and move on to what’s next,
do you stand for anything anymore?
or are your values constantly walking out the door?

Look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?
are you proud of the person you came to be?
I can say without the shadow of a doubt,
that at different points in my life, I have sold out.

I did it for the money and glory,
I did it to try to ease my worries,
but now that I’m a little bit older,
and a little bit bolder,
I try to stand by my moral code,
I walk the untraveled road,
hold tight to my integrity,
which can’t be bought for any amount of money.

The days of me selling my soul are over,
the weight of the world is no longer on my shoulders,
I’m doing the best that I can,
I guess you could say that I’m a changed man.

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Written by Brian Kurian, All Rights Reserved 2019

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