Training a Happier Brain — Week Two of Three

Mindful awareness of three grateful items a day for 21 days in a row will train your brain to be happier. That’s the theory anyway.


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Week one of brain training came and went with no noticeable attitude alterations. Skepticism is on the rise at the kickoff of week two.

Hope the brain of a hippy, dippy, trippy believer is not necessary for this 21-day experiment to reach a successful conclusion. Trusting in the power of crystals, copper bracelets or OTC cold medicine is not in my nature.

Mom had to remind me to write my three grateful items for today. Week Two is off to a weak start.

That being said, I am not a quitter. Here goes for Week Two of gratefulness.

Day 8

Maintaining an exercise regimen for the noggin is just as difficult as frequenting the gym with regularity. I am excited that Mom is going to join me on this mind-altering adventure. Going to the gym is easier with a friend.

Errands and laundry are not on the agenda today … so far. Hairballs on beds are unpredictable. As of now, the situation looks promising.

A special thankfulness goes out to my Medium Facebook friends. A request for support on a story sitting at an eerie 666 claps was met with applause. Evil has been thwarted on this hot as hell Thursday.

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Day 9

Braum’s skim milk is healthy and delicious. Ya gotta love that!

After retiring from accounting, I have the time to run errands at a more relaxed pace. No more rushing around over lunch, after work or on weekends. Ok, a little rushing to beat the thunderstorm, but bonus … I get to enjoy the sights and sounds of a nice thunderstorm!

I learned two fun things about my Recipe Keeper software today. 1) Recipes in the meal planner show up on the side of the screen the day you need them. Sweet! And, 2) after using an ingredient, tap on the ingredient in the recipe and the text turns light gray. Missed…



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