We Are Human, But Are We Humane?

Tina Viju
Journal of Journeys
6 min readOct 6, 2018


I have pondered this eternal question much. We will often turn our lens to the world to answer it.

Just look at the news, look at the Kavanaughs, the Weinsteins, the Trumps, look at the wars, look at the oppression, look at the cruelty…. just look at how people have treated me.”

We will shake our heads pathetically and say -

But do we turn the lens inwards and examine our very own conscience before we answer this question ?

Does darkness or light reside in the deep abyss of our souls?

If I scanned the trenches of my being,it would be like a scene out of the Titanic. It would be pretty dark and murky down there. I would need to dive in with floodlights.

Have I hurt the ones who love me - Check

Has pride got the better of me often- Check

Have I been a hypocrite judging others while being blind to my own deeds?-Check

Has envy ,anger and hate twisted me inside out- Double Check

So how can I speak about mankind, when there is a lack of humanity in me most of the times?

Thank you ‘self reflection’ for shoving me off the high pedestal, I imagined myself to be on.

My 7 year old son one day told me, how another kid in school had said that Jesus was just imaginary and only his God was real.

It seems religion is a very touchy topic, even on the monkey bars!

His words instantly took me to the time, I was trying to convince my friend, an atheist about the presence of God. Things ended up getting a little heated with each of us trying to prove our point.

How could she not see what I saw? How could she not sense that there was a bigger power? How could she be so proud?

Religion can very conveniently be used as a cloak of piousness, which we adorn in front of



Tina Viju
Journal of Journeys

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