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Each of us are the narrators of our own unique stories…
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We humans think that we are so smart that we can outwit anything.

The problem is, he was killed before he was given a chance to truly grow personally or grow up in general.

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Add to that my car breaking down, and things were certainly made tricky!

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‘Attention seeking nuisance is what she is’

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Last week I received my second jab. It feels strange to finally get to this stage.

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I’ve been a writer from the earliest days of my childhood 60 years ago when I authored a fantastical “first trip to the moon” that appeared in a mimeographed school newsletter. I’d also “published” a typewritten family newspaper with a “huge” circulation of THREE — mom, dad and sis. (I know, that’s ancient history.)

Yesterday in the UK, people flocked to re-opened bars, shops, and hairdressers. I surprised myself that I only wanted to work out!

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I lost my best friend of twenty plus years last week, this is everything I’m thinking and feeling today

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