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Getting and giving anything and everything

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I know investors who make millions of dollars a year working as barter brokers. They get a percentage for connecting people who need goods and services with those that have those gods as services.

If you are ready to enter the world of barter in a way that has a genuine impact on your economic life, then you will have to join a trade exchange.

Here is a step-by-step approach to doing this.

1. Define what you need. Define what you have to offer. Then get ready to negotiate.

2. Locate a Reciprocal Trade Association organization (RTO). …

How to find a place in your life filled, with happiness, contentment, and meaning

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I have always wondered why some people I know who have everything are unhappy, and others who have little are very happy.

I began to research what it means to be happy.

The term happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional states, including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It is also used in the context of life satisfaction, subjective well-being, eudaimonia, flourishing, and well-being.

Since the 1960s, happiness research has been conducted in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, including gerontology, social psychology, and positive psychology, clinical and medical research, and happiness economics. When it comes to our sense of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, we have something called a set point for happiness.

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by William Seavey

Life is truly amazing — from the smallest microbes and viruses to the most wildly intelligent (even genius-level ) full bodied human beings.

One reason why I don’t really think God is responsible for individual life forms is because all the variations that exist are “ethically neutral.” A coronaviris isn’t intrinsically evil any more than a rapacious corporate mogul is. (I admit, that’s quite a range in creation!)

And if somehow God has been a prime mover in establishing all life forms and even judges behaviors, well, evolution has likely long since taken over by now.


Bringing in the “light” through sound

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I have always found in my life that music and sound are among the most powerful and effective self-improvement, and personal development tools I have ever encountered.

Cultures from ancient to modern have used music and sound to lift melancholy, alter moods, and lift our spirits. We all intuitively know the power of music and sound. When we are down or depressed we can play the music that is uplifting. When we are sluggish we can play the music that gets us up and going. And we all know how important music is in creating the right mood for romance.

My journey into visionary thinking

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When looking back on my very complicated and textured life, if smile when I recall that often many diverse elem+ents came together to produce something that was obviously greater than any of the qualities in the individual parts. It is as if two plus two was to equal five. The doctrine that explains this phenomenon is known as holism. Holism emphasizes the priority of a whole over its parts.

Holism is a very important concept for the extraordinary individual seeking to create an effective life game strategy.

Interestingly, the term “holistic” did not come into common usage until the 1960’s…

And that’s for having the audacity to refer to myself as even one of the three, as of late.

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I just reread the last thing I published and wondered at what point, I thought the world or anyone in it would find it even remotely unique or intriguing?

I literally didn’t make it through the entire re-read — and I wrote it. I lived through it. My reality created it. The same reality I wake up to each and every God-Forsaken, pandemic-dampened day.

So forgive me for not wanting to once again glance it all over, via a mediocre piece of writing. One I literally have no recollection of writing, nonetheless.

But you see, this piece of writing is…

Flow is the doorway to altered states of consciousness

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In personal development and self-improvement, especially in a place of fellowship and collaborative thinking a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by the complete absorption in what one, or a group does, and a resulting transformation in one’s sense of time.

Much of my work, including the study of Flow, is based on applied game theory, a collaborative system for making…

Mediocrity is contagious

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One of the first managers I ever had in my career was actually one of the best managers I’ve ever had. Betina was super demanding and a stickler for detail. She was the client lead on my accounts at this digital marketing agency, and she was responsible for the quality of work that went out from our team. So she made sure that every piece of work we ever delivered to a client was something we could be proud of.

And at the time I thought she was a proper pain in the £$%.

You don’t get to choose when to be excellent

Don’t get me wrong- I’ve never…

But it’s got nothing to do with unrealistic beauty expectations — just a long list of personal ones instead

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I don’t want a girlfriend or wife. I want a partner in crime. A Bonnie to my Clyde. Someone who calls me out on my bullshit in private and defends my social chicanery in public. She’d appreciate I use phrases like social chicanery and would read my writing but not force me to talk about it. She’d know real writers have no interest in talking about their writing.

I want a woman who I love so much it scares me. One who never forces me to question if the feeling is mutual. …

Dr. Jordan Peterson Lays Out His Practical Wisdom To Being Better

Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life
Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life

At 23, there is still much more life advice I am yet to discover from reading. Right now though, I am just about finishing inputting my handwritten notes of Dr. Jordan Peterson’s most infamous book yet into my Notion.

In his book, Dr. Jordan Peterson puts forward for thought (and considerable argument), twelve rules to live a meaningful life. Delicately, and with a clinician’s precision, 12 Rules For Life is a storied account of Peterson’s observations of life.

As an academic, experienced clinician, and father, the book is a broad curation of what Dr. …

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