Let’s remember when a raid in Magnolia turned up 50 gallons on moonshine, on this day in 1923 (December 26)

Prohibition, what a time to be alive!

From HistoryLink and Greg Lange:

On December 26, 1923, during Prohibition, a search warrant is issued to King County Sheriff Department to search 3214 Magnolia Boulevard in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. The Sheriff’s Department finds 50 gallons of moonshine (whiskey), 1,000 gallons of mash used to produce moonshine, and a still used to manufacture the beverage.

Prohibition, outlawing the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages, took effect in Washington state in 1916. The year 1919 marked ratification of the “bone dry” Prohibition amendment to the U.S. Constitution, making the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages illegal throughout the nation. The Prohibition amendment was repealed in 1933.




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Chris Burlingame

Chris Burlingame

Seattleite, (mostly) retired arts/culture blogger. Come for the Seinfeld references, stay for the Producers references.