Let’s remember when Hearst announced its takeover of the Post-Intelligencer, on this day in 1921 (December 27)

In March of 2009, Hearst turned the Seattle Post-Intelligencer into an online-only newspaper, which was a damn tragedy. But the PI has been a Hearst property for almost 100 years now, as an editorial announced the acquisition 98 years ago today.

From HistoryLink:

On December 27, 1921, the fact that William Randolph Hearst (1863–1951) has taken over the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is revealed when his first editorial appears in the newspaper.

The Intelligencer was founded in Seattle in 1867. In 1879, Thomas W. Prosch (1850–1915) became its publisher. Prosch was the son of Charles W. Prosch, a pioneer newspaper publisher who had been issuing papers in Steilacoom and Olympia since 1858. Thomas became publisher of the Weekly Tribune, moving it from Olympia to Tacoma, and then, in 1875, to Seattle. In 1879 he bought the Intelligencer. In 1881 the Intelligencer combined with the Post to become the Post-Intelligencer.




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Chris Burlingame

Chris Burlingame

Seattleite, (mostly) retired arts/culture blogger. Come for the Seinfeld references, stay for the Producers references.