Let’s remember when the Seahawks won their first Super Bowl, on this day in 2014 (February 2)

Screen capture taken from Super Bowl video on YouTube.

The Super Bowl is tomorrow and I know exactly zero people that have any affinity for the Los Angeles Rams or New England Patriots. Instead, let’s remember when the Seahawks dominated Super Bowl XLVIII. It was beautiful.

SBNation sez:

Super Bowl XLVIII was billed as a showdown between the NFL’s №1 offense against the №1 defense. In the end, it didn’t turn out to be much of a contest.
The Seattle Seahawks defense dominated the Denver Broncos from start to finish, rolling to a 43–8 win to capture the first world title in franchise history.
Seattle’s defense was stifling, swarming and opportune. The Seahawks applied near-constant pressure on Peyton Manning, forcing him into a pair of interceptions. In total, they forced the Broncos into four turnovers. Denver, who set an NFL record for scoring during the regular season, had its lowest scoring outing of the season.
The Broncos’ opening play from scrimmage was a high snap that resulted in a safety — a play that provided an accurate summation of their off-balance, mistake-prone performance.

Let’s watch the whole damn thing.

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