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Late assignments

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Due dates are stated clearly throughout this syllabus. If you are still unsure, please do not hesitate to ask. If you have a reasonable request for an extension, please make it in writing at least 24 hours before the assignment is due. For obvious reasons, extensions can’t be granted for group presentations. Failure to submit an assignment on time, without prior approval from me or one of the teaching assistants, will result in the loss of 5 per cent of the assignment’s value for each day it is late.

Academic dishonesty

It’s simple: Do honest work. That means no plagiarism and no fabrication, among other things.

Cite your sources and/or link to them. Put quotation marks around other people’s words and give them credit. Or paraphrase them in your own words — but still give them credit.

Be alert to “patch” writing: paraphrasing someone else’s writing slightly by changing just a few words, leaving most of the original intact.

The UBC library’s wiki has an excellent entry on Academic Integrity with links to other resources.


Unlike Darth Vader, I am not your father. I am your instructor, and you are adult university students responsible for managing your time.

The more you miss class, the less you will know when time comes for the final exam.

Academic accommodations

If you require academic accommodations for a disability or ongoing health conditions, please register with UBC’s Access & Diversity. For more information, visit Student Services.

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