Assignment No. 4: blog post

Due: 10 a.m., March 30| 25% of overall course grade

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This assignment will challenge you to ponder significant issues in new media and how they relate to journalism, the Internet and the Gutenberg era. Follow the directions below.



  1. Start with any single item from Column A: Issues (below).
  2. Add any single item from Column B: Technology (below).
  3. Add any single item from Column C: Readings (below).
  4. Stir the three items together in a large metaphorical mixing bowl.
  5. Pour the mix into
  6. Think, type and bake until you have a 500- to 700-word blog post.
  7. Include at least one working link to the reading within the blog text.

The finished post should make a point, explain an aspect or reveal an insight about an issue from Column A. Your thesis must be supported by an example from Column B, as well as ideas and quotes from a reading in Column C. You may use additional examples and readings, if you wish.

The items you choose from each column are entirely up to you. The order of the items is random; they are not meant to be read top to bottom or left to right.

Blog post ingredients:

Grading will be based on the following rubric:

75% — Depth and quality of insight, analysis, commentary and/or interpretation of the new-media issue.

20% — Quality of writing (i.e., clarity, grammar, spelling).

5% — At least one working link to the reading within the blog text (NOT at the beginning or end of the post).

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