Example Post for Graded Project 1 — J375 Sec 1

The assignment is to create a narrative portrait of someone. You will submit your finished work via Medium.

The deadline for submission is TUESDAY, MARCH 1 by Noon.

After you submit to Medium, you should also send me an email letting me know it has been posted. This will insure that you get credit for meeting the deadline.

From your work this week, you will select 7 total photographs that you feel are your best. From those seven, select the ONE that you feel is the best choice and include it in your Medium post as a single, large image. You will add a caption to this image.

Next, take the other six photos and insert them as a gallery. You can do so by dragging them all into the software together. (See below for examples)

You will be graded primarily on your main image, but your outtakes will also determine a portion of your grade, as will your caption.

Willie Seaberry, 75, sits in his bedroom at Po’ Monkey’s Lounge. Each Thursday night he welcomes visitors from all over the world into his home, which doubles as one of the most famous juke joints in the world.


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