Journey of a Social Worker: Baddour Center

Located in Senatobia, Mississippi is the Baddour Center. Social Worker, Terrica Campbell decorates her office door with pink and green chalk. All employees have their own art work to give a symbol of their personality.
Campbell shows her coworker, Jerrimekka Wooten, her tasks for the upcoming events that will be held Wednesday at their talent show. All employees will be participating.
Campbell and her co worker show one of the residents that reside at the Baddour center the first steps to riding a bike during the afternoon.
In Campbell’s office, a history board is on display to show all of the work and adventures that she has had over the years at the Baddour Center. Campbell has been employed their for nine years.
Terrica Campbell poses for a brief photo as she prepares to exit her office and finish the rest of her work day at the Baddour Center.