Week 6 Assignment — Spring Break!

Starting the morning off right in NYC!
From left to right: Dark chocolate and toasted marshmallow latte, samoa cookie latte, and a dark chocolate raspberry latte. Made and served in NYC coffee shop, Crazy Beans.
My best friend from home, Katie Vadakin, and I outside the coffee shop in NYC.
Breakfast at “Crazy Beans” in NYC.
Some post breakfast walking to work off the calories. Next stop, Soho!
Just me, Courtney Kamm, swiping my credit card one too many times at the famous Dash store in Soho owned by the Kardashian sisters.
Some street art being featured in an art museum in Soho.
My best friend, Katie Vadakin, and I outside our lunch spot in Soho. Had to arrive one hour before they opened in order to not wait for four plus hours.
The “Sweet n’ Salty” milkshake from Soho’s famous Black Tap restaurant. I would wait four hours for this.
Next stop, Wall Street!
When you are from Ohio, you yell “O-H.” Katie Vadakin and I showing some Ohio pride on Wall Street in NYC.
Apparently it’s good luck. Katie Vadakin rubbing the balls of the bull on Wall Street. We looked, but no wolf.
Our next adventure took us to the district, Chelsea, where we walked along Skyline Bridge.
Here is Katie Vadakin and her boyfriends, Beau Kraft, sitting on a bench in Skyline Park.
I think I was done for the day. Me, Courtney Kamm, walking along Skyline Park back toward my friends (who, I guess, had the camera).
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