Edible Bites: A New Series for Amazon Alexa Powered Devices

Cooking with “Edible Bites” allows the users to learn how to make a dish by using Amazon’s Alexa powered devices. Users can ask Alexa to help them make a certain dish while also listening to the cook’s personal story. The goal of the project is to learn about other’s people’s traditions and stories while getting an insight into what food means for families and while preparing a dish.

For instance, while the cook and user are chopping the ingredients or waiting for water to boil the user will be able to listen to a personal story.

In one piece users can learn how to make stir fried rice cakes with crab with Lynn Liu while learning what it means for her and her family. Lyn Liu was born in China. She had a lot of siblings and her grandmother lived with them. She learned how to cook on her own and by watching her grandmother.

Liu now lives in Walnut, Calif. One of her daughters, Linda, moved from home to attended UCLA and now USC. Stir fried rice cake is Linda’s favorite dish, her mother makes it every time she comes home. Liu said that when Linda first went off to college she did not want her to go hungry and would make her food for the whole week.

One of the goals of this project is to not only learn how to make a certain dish but learn about other’s stories while users create their own with their family.