VR Diaries: ‘Pearl Harbor’ Experience Was Educational, But Needed Work

The most powerful part of “Pearl Harbor,” a virtual reality experience by USA Today, was learning about the attack. Being stationary next to the submarine in the museum was the weakest part of this VR video and caused me to lose interest. Experiencing the whole museum and moving around would have made the VR video more interesting. I remember the narrator stating that the captain of the submarine jumped out and made it to shore. When he arrived to land, he then passed out. If this VR video had more live experiences like “Fight for Fallujah,” I would have felt more connected. The storytelling of the video was excellent because the VR video provided a lot of information about the attack. I would recommend that VR journalists practice telling stories that appeals to their audience. A practice that I would avoid after watching this video is having the camera stationary without any movement or action in the VR video.