Journalism in the modern day

Chilo Bathily
Feb 12, 2019 · 2 min read

By Chilo Bathily

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With the rise of technology and the increased popularity of social media, over the years journalism has turned it’s attention to the web. News outlets are now able to share stories through popular social media platforms and this allows a greater reach in regards to the audience.

In modern day society, accessing the latest news has become a lot easier for people due to it going beyond just a newspaper. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat not only allow the users to access the latest news, but they are able to receive it in real time.

I feel journalism should be focused on the news people actually need to be in informed about along with their interest.

According to James Carey, “Journalism was not categorized merely as reporting that put the words and actions of others into a simpler language…that invested the ordinary with significance” (The Communications Revolution, 137). With the rise of “Fake News”, finding a legitimate story could sometimes be a struggle.

The social media community are journalists in a way because news can be reported in real time without a reporter actually being present. This is both beneficial and a negative because although readers can find out what’s happening by simply logging onto the web along with having access to other people’s viewpoints, they can also come across false news stories at the same time.

Journalism should serve everyone. People have different interest, therefore, I feel stories should be reported based on the most popular topics. Being that most people access news stories via online news outlets, journalists should focus on making sure the stories they release are legit so it doesn’t misinform its readers. Politics and Celebrity news are the main focus of online journalism in my opinion, and I this rate “journalism utopia” for 2019 may be taken over by the fake news reporters of the social media world.

Journalism and Society

Work from Fall 2018 + Spring 2019 Brooklyn College students.

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