Daniel Bacchieri: Mapping Street Music Around the Globe

Barbara Yang
Jan 24, 2017 · 2 min read
“StreetMusicMap is a global report on street music.”

Music reporter Daniel Bacchieri fell in love with music as a child. In his house in Rio Grande, Brazil, music was always on — jumping from jazz to tango, from bossanova to Brazilian pop and rock bands.

Daniel believes music is the most universal art in the world because people can enjoy it and understand it even without knowing the words. He especially loves rock ‘n’ roll from the sixties and the seventies, as well as jazz from the fifties. Sometimes, he wishes he could live in the old times.

In the first years after he completed school, Daniel worked as a radio and television reporter. After that, he focused on film and documentaries. During the last 12 years he has been woking as a freelancer film director focusing mainly on music and sports projects. For him, perfection means a mix of music, filming and journalism.

Although Daniel doesn’t play any instruments, he’s found his own way to celebrate his love for music — his own way to report on it and share it all over the world. Daniel approaches talented buskers, street musicians, in different cities and different streets to find new music. Everywhere from Porto Alegre and São Paulo in his home country of Brazil, to America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. When he finds something new and exciting, he shares it online.

StreetMusicMap Official Site: www.streetmusicmap.com. Created by Daniel Bacchieri and powered by Genosha.

He then turned that passion into a project: in 2013, during a trip to Ukraine, he first had the idea for StreetMusicMap. The next year, he made project that project into a reality. Today, StreetMusicMap has more than 1,200 talented street musicians from 93 countries documented on video filmed by more than 700 contributors — and the numbers are expanding daily.

Daniel wants to turn this project into the most comprehensive platform for street music in the world and promote exchange and networking between the musicians, fans and music business. He sees it ultimately as a platform where bands can connect with fans, and a place for everyone who wants to find the next big thing.

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