StreetMusicMap: a global coverage on street music

StreetMusicMap Official Site, created by Daniel Bacchieri, powered by Genosha

Created in 2014, StreetMusicMap is a collaborative listing of street music performers from all over the world. The StreetMusicMap Instagram channel already has more than 42,000 followers and 1,200 artists documented on videos in 93 countries, all filmed by more than 700 collaborators. StreetMusicMap is also the first channel to curate street musicians on Spotify, creating global playlists featuring the best buskers in the world.

New Buskers by StreetMusicMap on Spotify

Curated by me, a Brazilian journalist based in São Paulo - right now attending the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism as a Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism Fellow, StreetMusicMap just launched a podcast 100% about street music in New York City.

American gospel and R&B singer Alice Tan Ridley is the first artist to be featured on StreetMusicMap Radio. After moving to New York in 1971, raising a family and teaching handicapped children in the NYC school system, Alice focused upon her singing career in 1992 when she began singing full time in the New York City subway stations — Union Square, 34th Street, and the famous 42nd Street Times Square station:

StreetMusicMap Radio, the first podcast 100% about street music

StreetMusicMap aims to be the most complete platform about street music in the world, the most powerful database about new talents in the music business. The project promotes the exchange between musicians, fans and music lovers and has also become a network for communication over the vast world of street musicians. It’s the place where bands can connect with fans and a place for curators and people who want to find new talents, or the next big thing. The curation is the project’s most valuable feature. Daily research is turning the StreetMusicMap brand and its concept into a competent source about the subject on a global scale.

Be part of StreetMusicMap by sending a video of your favorite street artist to or hashtag your video on social networks as #streetmusicmap. Don’t forget to identify the artist, the venue/street/city and the filmmaker (specially their social network accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and the artists’ official site or email).

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