The next step.

Five months have come and gone with a speed I can safely say I have not quite experienced before. Within what feels like and is a very short time, our cohort has evolved from the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed wannabe entrepreneurs to a group that has a firm grasp of what our industries need, and a clear understanding of the avenues we need to navigate to reach success with our ventures.

My own journey has been spurred on far beyond what I ever expected. My reluctance to leave this mad city and all its quirks and wonders is met with another feeling, an urgency and excitement to implement what I have gained into further practice. I can’t wait to get back on the ground and execute the strategies learned and honed under the guidance of mentors and lecturers at CUNY, and those I have met along the way.

The next year will be the most pivotal for our organisation and I now feel more then ready for the challenge.

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