Meet Alejandra Ramos

• Alejandra is from Mexico City, Mexico. She went to a journalism conference in Mexico hosted by USC and ever since has wanted to come here.

• The kind of journalism she most admires is work that impacts society and discusses social issues. An example? Journalists who tell the stories of the poor and hold the government accountable. She also admires journalist work that digs deep into an issue and is able to convey the emotions of its subjects.

• The most important work she does as a journalist is to really listen to people. But in order to write a story, she also has to do significant research on the topic. Journalism can sometimes be dangerous, particularly in Mexico, where some reporters have been killed recently.

• Alejandra actually knows the basics of HTML, CSS, Java. She also is beginning to grasp how the Internet of Things will create vast amounts of new data that will need be collected, cleaned and interpreted.

Alejandra Ramos outside ANN
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