Technology meets Journalism

Sherry Simpson is from Queens, New York. Being good in science, she was encouraged to start her undergrad in medicine at Boston University, but her love for writing made her to switch to mass communications. She is currently studying in the Specialized Journalism program at USC Annenberg.

She is extremely interested in multimedia journalism, which is a new genre of journalistic practice. It involves disseminating news via multiple media platforms. Multimedia journalism contains more than two media elements, including but not limited to written words and photographs. It allows to the target audience to expand as the news content is distributed through multiple platforms.

The work Sherry has done shows her passion for journalism. She started her career as a speech writer for a congressman, which aroused her interest in journalism, and she decided to do more in-depth stories on politics. Later she went on to try broadcast journalism. It’s interesting to know that she didn’t limit herself to just journalism. With the music industry flourishing, she went on to produce music videos and worked as an executive producer for Capitol One. She produced a documentary called Amandla, for which she won an Emmy Award. She continues to produce more documentaries and work as a journalist. Just like technology, journalism is also changing rapidly. In today’s busy world people usually don’t get much time to go through long articles. What has become challenging is to produce content which is concise and still covers all the facts.

She believes that technology is a thread that holds the world together. Having worked in the entertainment industry, she understands the role technology has played in evolving it. She realizes that computer science is growing at a fast pace and is driving a variety of domains.