Journalism That Matters Welcomes Three New Board Members

The Journalism That Matters board of directors has expanded in the last several months with the addition of three new board members:

  • Lori Shontz, University of Oregon journalism instructor
  • Karen Magnuson, veteran editor and executive in residence for the Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Summer Fields, Hearken engagement consultant
Lori Shontz — Karen Magnuson — Summer Fields

Each brings a unique lens to the board of the Seattle-area nonprofit that, since 2001, has convened transformative conversations to ignite collaboration, innovation, and action. Most recently, Journalism That Matters has supported the Media Seeds Project in Southeast Ohio, led by former JTM board president Michelle Ferrier. It’s an experiment in sowing nutrients in the “media desert” of rural Ohio by building capacity for communication, journalism and civic engagement.

The new directors join board president Ashley Alvarado, cofounder and treasurer Peggy Holman, and fellow board members Bill Densmore, Mike Green, and Linda Miller.

“Journalism That Matters has played a key role in the evolution of engaged journalism practices over the last two decades,” says Alvarado. “Adding Lori, Karen, and Summer makes us stronger and better positioned to support the community of practice.

“As an educator at one of the most forward-thinking journalism schools in the country, Lori Shontz understands the roles and opportunities in academia and research. Karen Magnuson is a veteran editor who has championed diversity and innovative approaches at legacy newspapers and as a board member and co-chair of the diversity committee of American Society of News Editors. As an engagement consultant at Hearken, Summer Fields is working hand in hand with journalists across the country to develop their engagement strategies and practices. I’m excited about the possibilities for invigoration and reinvention these three great women bring to our board.”

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Journalism matters most when it is of, by, and for the people. JTM supports the adventurers who are transforming relationships between communities and journalism for the common good.

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Co-founder and director, Journalism That Matters. Author, Engaging Emergence & The Change Handbook. Hosting conversations for addressing complex challenges.

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