Don’t abuse the horse that you cannot dismount

“Don’t abuse the horse that you cannot dismount”.

I heard this while I was doing my graduation.

I don’t exactly remember who said that and in what context.

Some memories are like a Kite stuck to an electric pole. We may not remember where it came from, but we can see it there.

This phrase came in handy in the early part of my career.

I was not happy about so many things in the first job. I was still trying my best both in the job and for getting out of the job.

I was giving my best in one more thing — Lamenting.

I used every opportunity to lament about the shortcoming of the organization, my department, my boss, and finally, the uselessness of certain parts of my job. I was unaware of the perception people had formed about me until one honest colleague told it in my face.

“Meenakshi, Stop sulking and get working. Everyone considers you as a whiner. They are happy to listen to you because some of what you say reflects their mind. But it is not helping you to get any further in your work or your life. Instead, it empowers your boss to keep you down in your appraisals”.

It got me thinking.

Out of the blue, my mind remembered the Phrase, “Don’t abuse the horse that you cannot dismount”.

Am I abusing the horse that I cannot dismount?

I can dismount the horse though not immediately, at least not until I find another horse.

Even if I can dismount the horse, should I abuse this horse? Is the problem with the horse ? or is it my mind that is making the situation worse?

90% of the problem emanated from my mind.

I looked at my complaints.

  1. The company is small in size. Well, then, it was one of the largest in that location and a good company in its category.
  2. Not a challenging job. Every job will be a combination of exciting and mundane tasks.
  3. Not a very attractive salary. Attractive salary can be subjective. Compared with a similarly experienced person working in a bigger city, it will not be that attractive. But it was a competitive salary for the city where I worked.

I could see the complaints vanishing in thin air. I continued my journey in that horse for another year before I moved on to the next horse. But, I stopped abusing the horse.

I feel like tweaking the sentence “Don’t abuse the horse that you cannot dismount”. Instead, I would like to rephrase it -

“Don’t abuse the horse even if you can dismount”



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