We will not be silent, Donald Trump.

Congratulations, Mr. President elect.

Yesterday, today, and for an unforeseeable future— America is bleeding. Through conjuring up our ancestral demons, you have digressed the human race. By stirring up our demons of racism, hatred, prejudice, and elitism — your message has evoked the evils of our past.

You embody hatred.

And — We elected you.

And we must take responsibility for our actions. We must understand how we allowed this to happen.

Human rights were progressing — we had a black President, a woman ready to make history, marriage equality, etc., — and we were making progress.

We didn’t see this blasphemous outcome of an election as a real possibility. We didn’t learn from our ancestors, and we allowed ourselves to buy in to evil.We allowed a vulgar, greedy, racist, bigot to stir up hatred in the hearts of America. And, we must be accountable.

  • Republicans voted you in to further their own political agendas.
  • White women voted you in, because they are living in an old mind-frame of bigotry.
  • Racists, Sexists, Abusers, and White supremacists voted you in to cultivate hate.
  • We voted you in because we are ignorant, uninformed, or lost sight of our humanity.
  • But no matter what reason we voted you in, we must hold ourselves accountable.

And we will.

But, we will not be silent.

We will hold steady to what is right — and we will continue to progress as a human race.

We will not allow our previous mistakes to demobilize our efforts. Now, more than ever before, we must hold strong to our belief in humanity. We must keep fighting the good fight. We must stand up for the individual, the group, and the community. We must fight for our rights as human beings.

We MUST believe in each other, and stand up for those with prejudices against them. We must fight for all races, sexes, religions, and we won’t allow bigotry. We must see each other for who we are.

  • We will not allow hatred to consume America.
  • We will not allow this Country to segregate — we will stand united.
  • We will not allow further digression of the human race.
  • We will not allow you to drive fear into the hearts of women, minorities.
  • We will not allow you to teach our children that “pussy grabbing” is okay.
  • We won’t allow you to breed a country of greed.

We will stand up and we will fight for love. We will fight for each other, and we will fight against hate.

We will fight for human rights, and the good of humanity. We will never give up, and we will fight harder than ever before for what is right. We will stand together to fight against the evil you spew. We will fight against greed. We will not allow you to ruin this country.

And, Mr. President elect — you won, but we are not defeated.

And I caution you, Mr. President elect, — don’t underestimate the power of good. The power of love.

We stand united to fight for every American, and we will not stand down to you. We will not flee the country. We will not blindly follow you. We will not teach our children hate.

Do not underestimate the power of the American’s who believe in love, the American’s who stand united — no matter our beliefs, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preferences.

We will push forward with love, unity, and integrity. And we will progress America — with or without you.