Why ?

Why am I here ? Given the infinite number of blogs, publications and companies offering information on personal finance, why start a new one.

For one, I love sharing my knowledge, specially on topics I am passionate about. There are only two things that qualify for that: Technology and Money Management.

I meet people in my personal life who do not understand the very basics of managing their money (note, I do not say finances). I love reading and analyzing behaviour (psychology??), specially when it comes to people handling their own money.

In this publication, I will write about questions that I am asked, things I over-hear and believe needs someone to explain, or any musings in general. All the content here is my opinion on the topic mentioned, and I have no formal training in finance. In fact, I am a techie, and may bring some of that into the discussions too.

Send me questions / topics you would want me to write about.

You think you looked for some tools, but couldn’t find anywhere? I’ll build it in my spare time. Write to me.

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