The Job Search Process is Broken and I Want to Change It

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

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Before my period of unemployment (which I liked to call it my mini-retirement), I was a hiring manager. Being a hiring manager was hardly stressful. There were countless recruiting software programs that made it easy for me to track the candidate, follow up with a click of a button, and stay organized.

I wondered, why wasn’t there a program like this for the job seeker? Sure, there are websites where you can search for jobs, and there are plenty of apps you can network with. But there was no one-stop shop for finding the perfect jobs to apply for, having these jobs organized in one spot, and tracking them throughout the process. The current job search process is broken. So a friend and I decided to change that.

Meet Joustlist. In medieval times, jousting was a sport of preparation and strategy. And the joust list was where the battle actually took place. The joust list evened the playing field between the super privileged and the folks who didn’t have much. If you were well organized with a great strategy, anyone could win. That’s exactly what how finding a job should be. The job seeker should have as many tools as the big companies.

Joustlist starts with cleaning up the job search. We sift through the world’s top job searching sites to give you only the best results. If you type in “sales manager, New York City,” you won’t get nursing manager jobs upstate.

Once you find more high-quality jobs to apply for, we add them to your personalized dashboard. On your dashboard, we will track the company, job title, job description (for when the recruiter contacts you weeks later and you can’t recall what the actual position is), and other key elements for you all in one place. Throughout your search, we will catch up with you to see if you’ve heard back, what stage of the process you’re in, and other valuable information. We will add the information for you in your dashboard so you will have all the jobs you applied for all in one place.

The last piece is utilizing your dashboard. Haven’t heard from a job? Use the dashboard to follow up. We can even help you draft that dreaded “any update?” email we find ourselves sending recruiters who have ghosted.

Joustlist not only holds you accountable for your job search, but it keeps you on track. They say for every $10,000 in salary you want to earn, you should add one month to your job search. We want to help you find the job you want quicker. Sign up for our updates so you can be one of the first to Organize Your Job Search.