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    Aakash N S
    Jan 30 · 3 min read is a sharing and collaboration platform for data science projects. With first-class support for Jupyter notebooks, Jovian offers simple and powerful ways to share and embed Jupyter notebooks online. Watch this video tutorial or continue reading to learn more:

    Sharing Jupyter notebooks online

    You can sign up with Google/GitHub and upload Jupyter notebooks to your Jovian account with a single click. But there’s a much easier way: you can use the jovian Python library to share notebooks online directly from Jupyter. Just run the following commands inside your Jupyter notebook:

    Step 1: Install the jovian Python library

    Step 2: Import the library inside a Jupyter notebook

    Step 3: Run jovian.commit() to upload your notebook and get a shareable link

    You can share uploaded notebooks publicly, or make them private and restrict access to collaborators. Here’s what a notebook hosted on Jovian looks like:

    Public notebooks also show up on your Jovian profile, where you can build a portfolio of your data science work. Explore some recent projects on Jovian or check out the documentation for jovian.commit to learn more.

    Embedding Jupyter notebook cells online

    Jovian gives you the ability to embed individual cells from the notebook in your blog posts, websites or presentations. Embedding cells is much better than taking screenshots of your code. The embeds look great on both desktop and mobile, and allow users to interact with your notebook.

    Here are a couple of examples:

    Images in a grid (Matplotlib)
    Decision tree visualized (embed without source code)

    Viewers can copy the source code of a cell with a single click, which makes it especially handy for tutorials and walkthroughs.

    The embed also allows viewers to click through and view the entire notebook on your Jovian profile. With a powerful commenting interface, viewers can comment on individual cells to ask questions or give feedback.

    You can customize the embed to show the entire Jupyter notebook, or just a single cell. You can also selectively hide the source code or outputs from the embed. Just click the embed button on any notebook or cell to try it out.

    You can embed using an <iframe> or use a direct link for sites supporting the oEmbed specification. We’ve also integrated with, so embedding works seamlessly on Medium and dozens of other platforms.

    Embedding with a link
    Embedding with an iframe

    There’s a lot more you can do with Jovian. Over the next few weeks, we’ll publish several blog posts & videos describing other features. Visit to sign up to receive updates.

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    Articles and updates from the team

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