The Git Monster:

So guess what, I managed to go four years doing a degree course in Computer Science without ever hearing if OR using GIT. After, of course, learning about it and experimenting with it, it seems unbelievable that in my arsenal of vast knowledge (am stretching the vastness a bit but oh well, its my blog) I didn’t have this! Anyway Computer Science isn’t really about programming its about problem solving which I did a lot of.

Its Day 2 of Boot-camp and its amazing the difference two days of dedicated learning of programming can make. Today its all things GIT day. I think i should probably mention what GIT is so here goes. I branded it the GIT monster, “monster” may have been exaggerated but don’t think of it (monster) in the traditional sense i.e. the loch ness monster way (folklore to scare babies). Think of it the modern way i.e. the friendly monsters from Hotel Transylvania 2 who sing and dance and say “I love you”. So GIT is your friend it is basically a version control software.

Am not going to make this post technical I’ll do you one better. Advice: (I learnt this yesterday) Google is your friend, when you hear of something new just google it. There are usually so many forums you can get answers on Stack overflow being just one of them. And so in light of the GIT discussion today I’ll give a few of the web resources that really helped me out: The tech-in-pink blog (by the way this is my favorite blog right now just read all of it); git documentation; the git try outs (this was awesome cause you do it yourself). Go crazy with them.

To summarize; monsters are cuddly and cute nowadays (wink), Google should be your BFF and always try it out yourself — you learn easier that way.

Here is to another amazing day at the Andela Boot-camp.