A quick exercise to help you “tune in” to your body, your power

A gift for you from our Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide E-Book

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Do you ever find yourself being too much in your head? Not fully present? Too distracted for your own good?

Do you know that your BODY contains tremendous reserves of POWER?

Our bodies store a most potent form of energy: emotions.

Unlike the conflicted mind, our bodies never lie (ever).

Our bodies are our gateway to deep truth, empathy, self-love and compassion.

Our bodies are where the felt meaning of old beliefs are stored, and where the embodied sensation of new beliefs are born.

Our bodies are JUICY.

When we are tuned into our bodies, our emotions can flow naturally. We can focus on things that we really enjoy and our intuition can serve us in the best way.

The problem is that most of us have been trained by our culture to turn away from our body’s sensations (or to turn toward them just long enough to fix them or figure them out or numb them). This keeps us from really being present to ourselves. It’s a form of self-abandonment.

When people are present in their bodies, they are also tuned into their power. They have the ability to respond to the moment with agility and ease. Their minds are more focused as well, and their actions are more in the flow.

In Practice 8 of the JBL Beginner’s Guide E-book, I added a bonus activity that’s helped me and many others. When I learned about it during the summer of 2014, I did it every day. Sometimes I did it hourly.

The exercise takes 2 seconds, but it makes a world of difference.

What’s the exercise?

It’s an Emotional Literacy workout.

Why does it work?

Because when you can name what you feel, then you can name what you need and/or desire, and THEN you are empowered to do something about it. Or to simply ALLOW it, without constriction or inner conflict.

In order to honestly name what you feel, you have to tune into your BODY.

As embodied feelings are felt, named and accepted, they are able to be released, and YOU are set free to experience better feelings, more clarity and more inspired action.

Like I said, this exercise takes 2 seconds. Literally.

Commit to do the Emotional Literacy workout 3 times a day for the next week, and watch the transformation that begins to happen in your life. Do it for a few months, and you will dramatically improve your ability to relate to others, and to experience MORE JOY!

Here’s the image of the Emotional Literacy Workout from our JBL Beginner’s Guide E-book Practice 8. I’m copying it as an image so that you can see that it’s part something bigger.

If you like it, please share it.

After trying out a bunch of different “Emotional Literacy” charts, the favorite of all our members is Byron Katie’s, so here’s a link: http://thework.com/sites/thework/downloads/worksheets/Emotions_List_Ltr.pdf

You can find this Emotional Literacy Workout and 11 other great Practices in the Joy Based Living Beginner’s Guide E-Book.



Earlier today, one of our awesome JBL members wrote this super awesome testimonial, and it seems fitting to share it here:

I just finished getting my “introduction” (courtesy of the ever-more-amazing Debbie Happy Cohen) to this ‘branch of the JBL river”… and I am blown away at what has been set up here!
In my eyes, it’s like, here’s the makings of a doctor’s degree program in Humane Communication for the Age of Technology right here, staring us in the face! (Cue wildly cheering crowd noises!) :-)
— Willy Mathes, www.bookeditorcoach.com

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