Anatomy of a Breakthrough

A private journal entry from me to my inner circle tribe at Joy-Based Living (JBL).

Part I
A Core-Essence Breakthrough:

After experiencing a milestone breakthrough last week (releasing a lifelong mask), I recognized that the new vacuum of energy would need to be replaced with SOMETHING BIGGER AND MORE AWESOME.

During a conscious, cigar-lit conversation with my friend deJoly, what appeared in my mind was a Web of Well-being, with many lights.

I saw all of us at JBL being points of light for each other. I clearly saw that as each one of us shines brighter, we all do. I saw that this is who I am.

I also saw that the function of TRUST is to keep our lines open to give and receive light. Soul food. Love. Connection.

I believe this breakthrough led to a real AWESOME manifestation from a CORE ESSENCE level …

(drumroll, please):

A subtle but POWERFUL, awesome FACELIFT for the JBL website.

With the old mask, I habitually would create really good content for the JBL site but I would place the most important information “somewhere in the middle” of lots of other stuff, and it wouldn’t be clear to the reader what step to take next.

This was SO FRUSTRATING for me and for the reader, but I was stumped. It was a pattern that plagued me for many years. I saw the pattern, but I didn’t know what to do with it or how to transform it.

Part II
A Manifestation:

Kelley coached me yesterday, and with her assistance, the first couple of pages on the JBL website are now clear and easy for people to understand and connect and join.


This is about Visibility. And authenticity. And Honor. And full self-expression. And JOY!!

Part III
All of the above led me to take Inspired Action:

Starting yesterday night, I posted a couple fairy tales and a JBL blog post onto, which is a blogosphere for conscious professionals:

And someone from the community just Recommended one of my posts.

Like YEAH!!!!!!

Thank you, Kelley, for helping me spread my wings and share my light BEYOND our Awesome Clubhouse Incubator for Radiance!! Thanks for helping me be more Visible!!

So much love!!!


To learn more about experiencing breakthroughs like this one, check out CELEST Coaching at the JBL website.

Joy-Based Living (JBL) is an organized gathering of many beings of light who are willing to bravely face the dark and enrich each other’s lives by joining together, brightening the world with more love, more light and more JOY. We are a growing group of conscious, wholehearted people who engage conversations around 12 key practices in our JBL E-book. Together, we support each other in enriching our lives from the inside out. We hold a space for each other, for our radiance to emerge.

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