I Don’t Think So!

Yes, setting boundaries can generate joy. In fact, that’s what they’re for!

Setting boundaries doesn’t have to be a chore. Know what you truly value. Set the stage. And make ’em laugh if you can.

Healthy boundaries are like the membranes of healthy cells; they’re smart. They can tell the difference between nutrients and toxins; they know what to take in and what to keep out.

The first step to setting awesome boundaries is knowing your core values, those important doo-hickeys that you stand for. And if you don’t stand for anything, then you’ll be blown about like a leaf in the wind. In which case, this article isn’t really for you, right?

Examples of core values :
commitment-to-self, quality time with loved ones, personal development, dignity and respect, collaboration, mutual admiration, etc. (If you want help exploring your core values, find a coach or mentor who has zero agenda about who they think you should be or what they think you should do. Their sole aim should be to help you access and develop the true YOU.)

Setting awesome boundaries protects your most worthy treasures: Your well-being. Your generosity. Your kindness and goodness. Your innocence. Even your immune system. Your Joy!!

Setting awesome boundaries takes COURAGE. If you don’t, how can you really offer the best you to those you love?

The second step to setting awesome boundaries is having a conversation. But first, you’ll want to create an environment where all parties can truly be in the room, not just with their bodies, but in their bodies, truly present.

If you care about the relationship, consider the end result you would like to achieve before starting the conversation. Walls don’t let love in. Awesome boundaries do. Setting the stage is worth the effort.

Last but not least, engage the right kind of humor and you’ll increase relatedness, connection and joy. Simply naming the boundary and placing it right on the table can allow you to laugh about it together!

That’s why I wrote this book, called “I Don’t Think So!” Yes, kids love it and I even know of a few who have memorized it. If you still have your tickle bone intact, you’ll probably enjoy it, too :-).

You can watch me reading it here and buy it on Amazon!

I Do Think So!


Maddie memorized the book!
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