What do you provide?

Questionnaire from Seth Godin’s course (cont’d)

What do people buy when they buy something from you?

(Quotes are from clients.)
1. Connection. Relatedness. Being seen.
2. Authentic expression, transparency, intimacy. (“I’ve been with my partner for more than a year, and in the last month, since you’ve been working with him,
I can see his soul. What did you do to him? I want that!”)
3. Support. 
4. Possibilities.
5. Strength. (“I know you’ll tell me the truth.”)
6. Guidance. (“I lead all the time, it’s a relief to let myself be guided for once.”)
7. A mirror, a clear reflection. (“I need what the dolphins have in their communities. Sonar to help me see where I am.”)
8. Kid gloves. Delivering tough feedback with gentleness, kindness and firmness.
9. A safe space. (“I feel like I don’t have to always be ON when I’m with you.”)
10. More trust and confidence in themselves.
11. More clarity about
what’s next for them.
12. Validation for their gifts, insights, strengths.
13. Hope. 
14. Vision. 
15. Inspired action. Empowerment. Increased self-expression and creativity. (“I’m amazed at what I’ve accomplished in just a few short weeks!”)
16. Symbolism, mysticism, dream interpretation.

Leave out the easy, repetitive, generic stuff… What you are doing that’s difficult?

I connect with people and connect them with each other, engaging conversations at a deep, authentic level: “relatedness without agenda.” Really knowing what that is and what it feels like, embodied, is a skill worth developing. It’s the foundation for intimacy, joy and taking healthy, bold risks in life.

I designed the Joy-Based Living community structures with one specific purpose: to be a space where people can experience “relatedness without agenda” in a conscious, safe way. Kind of like an incubator, or a petri dish, or container gardening, to grow Joy.

When we practice being authentic and visible in a small, structured, safe setting, we gain the courage to allow more of our brilliance and beauty to be visible in the world.

2 difficult things:

1. Normal, healthy people want to truly feel seen and supported for who they truly are, not just what they do; and not just by their psychotherapists or coaches. We want to be seen within our communities, by our peers. We want to be respected and seen by the people we admire. But — as much as we want to be seen, most of us are equally afraid. Being visible, not just for our achievements, but for our authentic presence, can be really scary.

So why do it? Why terrify ourselves by taking this risk? The benefits are ginormous!!

Health: Experiencing relatedness without an agenda is an immune booster and it’s the greatest youth-enhancer, ever, because we aren’t using our life force energy to stuff who we ARE. It’s common (on a skype call or in a face-to-face conversation) to witness people go from “pale” to “color in their face” within 30 minutes of doing some of the deep-dive work in our Joy-Based Living program.

Leadership: As we increase the quality of our presence, we also increase our impact in the world. We allow our radiance to shine. Naturally. And we give others permission to do the same.

Intimacy (in-to-me-see): True intimacy can only exist when we truly feel connected, when we feel safe enough to be seen. First, by ourselves. Then, by others.

Community: When we are surrounded by people who support our best selves, we feel better, we make better decisions, and our lives have more meaning. “We don’t become ourselves by ourselves.” — Claire Zammit

Joy: Relatedness without agenda is THE place where JOY lives, breathes and multiplies!

2. The second difficulty was structuring the experience in our Joy-Based Living “clubhouse” so that it can be peer-leadership could be strong.

Our community structure is powerfully designed and is built to last. It was modeled after the uber-successful 12-step programs: it’s peer-led, and has 12 Practices that allow us to engage a common conversation. What sets us apart is our unique membership requirement: our members simply have a deep desire to grow more JOY in their lives.

How very liberating!

Compared to others who do what you do, rank yourself on: reputation, knowledge, expertise, tools, handiness.

Reputation (quality): high
Reputation (quantity): low-medium, mostly due to the newness of Joy-Based Living and my ability to articulate what it is, what it does, and who it’s for. It’s leading edge, there is nothing like it that I know of. Attracting the right people into our subculture of wellbeing is of utmost importance. I’ve focused on developing the product and the message, and I’ve been super happy to see people join through word of mouth. Now that the community is established, we can make the experience available to more people.
Knowledge: high
Expertise: high, many years of experience
Tools: high, the best
Handiness: high, very resourceful

Which will you invest in developing?

Reputation. LOVE OUR TRIBE HARD!!!! Keep taking INSPIRED ACTION. 
Make it easy for our members to share Joy-Based Living with others who are a good fit. 
Share our message through platforms like medium.com.

If you’re ready to go deeper with the JBL community, here’s how!

Your entry into the community (and our email list) is the JBL Beginner’s Guide E-Book! Found here: www.joybasedliving.com/beginnersguide

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