Japan’s rising fashion designer to collaborate with Coincheck and Joyfa in delivering digital fashion NFTs

Nov 21 · 3 min read

(This press release was delivered on August 31, 2021.)

One of Japan’s largest crypto exchanges, Coincheck, and digital fashion house, Joyfa are working alongside Tomo Koizumi, a Tokyo-based fashion designer in creating digital fashion NFTs based on one of his designs.

A rising fashion designer, Tomo Koizumi’s love for all things clothing and style were deeply influenced by his mother ever since childhood. Further inspired by John Galliano’s collection book while in junior high school, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer. In 2011, he successfully launched his own brand after the clothes he designed and made in college caught the eye of a specialty store owner. After working as assistant to experienced stylists and costume artists, he expanded his career and paved his own path as a Costume Designer.

Koizumi’s collections and costumes are highly applauded for their signature vibrant colors and bold silhouettes. Due to his unique and other-worldly designs, he has been hand-picked to dress many international and local stars and artists, with many of his works featured in fashion shows and gatherings. His genius in designing also shows in the many custom-made costumes he had worked on for different note-worthy events and personalities. In 2019, Koizumi hosted his first fashion show in New York with the support of world-renowned stylist Katie Grand, designer Marc Jacobs and KCD Public Relations, Inc. To commemorate his brand’s 10th-year anniversary, his collection was presented in a fashion show format at Nijo Castle, a World Heritage site in 2021. He was also chosen to design the costume worn by the national anthem singer at the opening ceremony of the recent Tokyo Olympics.

Another partner of this huge project, Coincheck, is one of the largest crypto exchanges in Japan. The company launched its NFT marketplace in 2021 and has attracted more than 25K users as of May 2021. By removing the Gas fee and providing a simple user interface, the company aims to provide a better user experience for NFTs transactions.

Tomo Koizumi

On the other hand, Joyfa is a Tokyo-based digital fashion house founded by a group of experts in NFTs, AI, and CG production. It is currently developing a service that adds digital fashion to user’s photographs as if they are wearing them in real life. The official version of the service is expected to be released in early 2022.

This exciting collaboration aims to provide a new way of enjoying fashion with less environmental impact by adding digital outfits on photographs and metaverse services. The details of this partnership will be announced at a later date.


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