Joyfa to sell Mika Hirose’s digital fashion NFTs designed in collaboration with Spacecraft

Nov 21 · 2 min read

(This press release was delivered on November 4, 2021.)

Premium digital fashion ecosystem provider, Joyfa will be selling digital fashion NFTs designed by SpaceCraft Agency model, Mika Hirose.

NFTs refers to digital items published on a distributed database called blockchain. Since the owners can manage and trade items independently of the issuer’s system, it is gaining attention as a new way to capitalize digital data.

Fashion personality, Mika Hirose designed a digital dress illustration which Joyfa has converted into 3D. The NFTs will be sold in an auction format from November 5th at KnownOrigin, a premium digital art NFT marketplace. The NFT owners will be able to unlock the experience of having the digital outfit overlaid on their photographs and participate in upcoming Joyfa’s NFT owner-only events and reward distribution campaigns.

Starting with this campaign, the two companies will continue to explore new possibilities in the area of digital fashion x NFT.

Sales Overview
Date: 11/5 5pm (in UK time) ~
Sales format: 24 hr auction (If a bid is made in the last 15 minutes, it will be extended by 15 minutes.)
Campaign page:
Sales page on KnownOrigin:
Supply: One edition for each color of dress (three colors in total)

Company Overview
Joyfa Inc. is a Tokyo-based digital fashion ecosystem provider whose mission is to bring more joy to fashion. Founded in 2021, the company develops an AI-based digital fashion wearing system that automatically synthesizes digital clothing into user’s photos. The company also works with fashion brands, entertainment companies, and book publishers in planning, designing, and creating digital clothing as NFTs.

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