It hurts so much to try, try, try, try… TRY

Dear Beloved,
 The reason it hurts so much to try, try, try, try… TRY
 and have it not work, is because deep down, you know how epic it’s going to be when it does. Believing it this power, the one where it’s already done, all included, all set up for you and aligned, this power will give you the strength to keep going, even thought it seems hard. But there’s a secret. It will only give you the strength, if you beleive in it. Otherwise it’s a giant heaping pile of “oh shit I can’t” flowing the wrong way from a really really powerful future self that you’re going to LOVE being.

So.. You’ve got to get in the joy, find your flow, face the demons, and keep on trucking towards your dream.

We know you have it in you, and we beleive in you on the worst of days.

Love JoyGasm

PS. Yes, even when you pout and grump and treat us like we’re not here to help. The pain makes you wake up, and you know it. That’s why we know you’ve got what it takes to make it work.

PPS. If you haven’t already.. try this, it helps.

Originally published at JoyGasm.ME.