Joys of JavaScript

Tales from the front line

Hardest bug to find. So far…

Be wary… Closure compiler related post. And, by accident, my first post on medium. So be wary even more. (:

JavaScript Better

3 simple tips to improve your JavaScript code.

Doing the following 3 simple things will make your JavaScript code way better:

Practical Uses for Recursive Javascript

When and how to use recursion in JavaScript

Recursion is one of those classic computer science topics. It’s an interview…

JavaScript Screenshots

User reconnaissance with HTML2Canvas

One of my current projects — GitShoes — takes on the important task of user feedback. I was able to build…

Practical Uses for Closures

When and how to use JavaScript closures

The closure is a powerful tool in JavaScript. It is commonly used in functional programming…

Leveraging Array.prototype 

to ease the pain of dropping jQuery

The push to stop using jQuery as a library dependency is great, but jumping head-first into the DOM…


Recursion, Tail Calls, Proper Tail Calls, Examples

Recursion is the process in which a function is called by itself, either directly or indirectly. Recursion allows you to write some very elegant code. But when using recursion you need to be aware of the pitfals.

Recursion example

My Migration to Ember.js

and how I convinced my team to “switch”.

This started as a brief outline but has turned out to be rather lengthy. I started to go back and simplify but I would rather be comprehensive so that maybe other people could benefit from my journey. I am a little wary to share this because I do not want to get caught in a flame war between what…

Introduction to Functional JavaScript

History, programming paradigms, abstractions, basics


JavaScript was a functional programming language even before it got its name! Back in 1995 Netscape Communications the makers of the Netscape Browser realized that their browser needed a scripting language embedded in HTML. They hired Brendan…

Tools I wish I’d known about 

When I started learning web development

Jsfiddle (searching and using)
Jsfiddle is the most popular playground for developers. It…

Stop Abusing JSPerf

The bottleneck probably lies elsewhere.

Whilst developing irc-message, I set out two core aims:

  • Be loosely compliant with…

Launching apps with Yeoman

From creation to deployment on Heroku

The front-end web stack provides a plethora of new tools to kick-start development and build out…

JavaScript 101 — again

Learning JavaScript for the fourth time

I suck at JavaScript. It’s my goddamn Achilles heel.

When a friend asked me to co-lead and co-create an Intro to JavaScript Workshop for Ladies Learning Code a couple years ago, I said yes even though I was terrified. But in her good natured way, she calmed my nerves and said “Don’t…

Writing third-party javascript

building and deploying

JSConf Budapest is a new member of the JSConf family on 14–15th May 2015. Speakers are coming from companies like Spotify, Mozilla or Etsy. Use coupon code RSTCK_BLOG to get your ticket with €50 discount.

What is third-party javascript?

JS and the new Collective DOM

Taking a fresh look at cohesion within the DOM

I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for some time now. A good deal of thought…



Now who’s the fixer-upper? And while we’re throwing around mime-types let’s get metaphysical. The irreverent attenuation of the coded whilst the oral perpetually accrues and I’m in the eye of the storm looking southward with a squeegee and a sharp facsimile of a bad attitude. Defurnished.

If You Were a Web Application

A programming analogy

When I tell friends I’m learning to program, their first question is usually “What language are you learning?”. The answer is difficult to explain in non-technical jargon because, if you want to create dynamic web applications you can’t really learn just one language. Programming requires understanding a whole suite…

Beyond pushState — building single page applications

Single page applications are on the rise, and in many cases they make the web faster, richer, and more interactive. The HTML5…

Gmail and the GC

Back in 2006 I was working on the Gmail team and we were undertaking a complete rewrite of the frontend code. Gmail’s original web client had strokes of genius in it but was…

json ⊄ js

Conventional wisdom says that JSON is a subset of JavaScript.

The thing is it isn’t.

According to the spec JSON strings can contain any unicode character except " or / or control character.

This means that the following string is perfectly valid JSON:

{"str": "own
Joys of JavaScript
Joys of JavaScript

Tales from the front line

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