Benefits of the Shiny Certified Copy Stamp

It was in early 2014 that my mentor, Damien A, introduced me to the delights of the vast range of stamps produced by RubberStampChamp in the US. All can be customised online and even with freight costs included work out at well under half the price in Australia — believe their logo.

Since then I have ordered more than a dozen personal stamps which are in continual use as I sign in various signing sites throughout the Gold Coast. As several include my full name they continue to save me time.

Far and away the biggest time saver is my trusty Shiny H-6100 Heavy Duty Self-Inking Dater used for certifying copies in place of ‘Big Bertha’. An example of the Shiny appears at the head of this article. At the time of purchase it cost US$35, about the same as Big Bertha from the JP Branch.

Comparing the steps in the certifying process between the two stamps we find:

The steps of signing and writing/stamping the reg number are the same for both stamps. For the Shiny stamp a seal must be added — a fraction of a second only for each copy. Big Bertha needs you to write/stamp your full name and the full date, perhaps several seconds in total.

The differences sound really small but of course mount up over many copies. This was brought home to me in a recent case where the client needed 50 copies of a 1-page power of attorney from the Middle East. A fellow JP and I split certifying the copies. After checking the copies he did 25 with Big Bertha and I did 25 with my Shiny. I saved several minutes at least, valuable when other clients were queuing. Thanks again, Damien! You must have saved me a few hours over the last 30 months.

You can see the Shiny is of solid construction and makes a very satisfying deep ‘thunk’ on each impression.

The observant reader will note the Shiny stamp wording above does not have the ‘original/copy/download’ options of Big Bertha. I love my Shiny so much I ordered a second one with these extra options.

For more details of stamp suppliers see my Stamps page.