Tech bulletin 01/17 Abolition of JEOs

After the whole of 2016 without any we start 2017 with Technical Bulletin 01/17 which arrived on 10 February 2017 in an email from Damien Mealey the Registrar of the JP Branch. This bulletin confirms that the new Mental Health Act 2016 will come into effect from 5 March 2017. This new mental health act abolishes the Justices Examination Order (JEO) that JPs were previously authorised to issue on presentation of a Justices Examination Application (JEA). This will be a relief to many JPs who were uncomfortable when dealing with JEAs.

Tech bulletin 01/17 indicates:

Justices Examination Orders will be replaced with Examination Authorities, which can only be made by the Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT).


If a person approaches you to witness a superseded JEO or asks what processes are in place to assist them with their concerns with a person who is suffering a mental illness and requires medical intervention, refer the person to Queensland Health or the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

A previous article in this publication mentioned that all technical bulletins are available as a singe merged PDF document. This new technical bulletin 01/17 had been added to the merged collection.