How to Install Google Play Store and Gapps (not pre installed)

The Google Play Store is usually already available on every Android device. However, sometimes there is a new smartphone purchased was not installed Play Store, for example, if you buy HP Xiaomi with warranty distributor. So, how do I install Google Play Store on my Android phone that is not installed, lost, or deleted?

This is also useful for those of you who have issues with the Play Store and want to update to the latest version. In addition, some custom ROMs are also sometimes not equipped with Play Store. So you have to install it yourself.

Do not worry if your Android device is not installed Play Store. Below, explain how to install Google Play Store on your Android device so you can easily install various applications on your smartphone.

Download the Google Play Store APK File

Before discussing how to install the Google Play Store on an Android device that does not have Play Store installed, you’ll need to download the raw file of the Google Play Store APK in third-party stores.

However, do not download APK carelessly. Well, one of the trusted Android app providers is Here’s how:

It is the largest source for downloading unmodified original APK files. With MD5 verification (The cryptographic signature) can ensure that the file is safe to install and will not be damaged.

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Type “Google Play Store” in the Search and Enter fields.
  3. Now you will see the Google Play Store.
  4. You can download it easily.

No need to worry if you accidentally install a variant APK that is not compatible with your device. Because the installation process will fail automatically.

Before installing Google Play Store you have to install 4 support app to be used. Here’s what you should install:

  1. Install Google services framework
  2. Install Google account manager
  3. Install Google play services
  4. Install Google calendar sync

How to Install Google Play Store

If you download from a computer, move it first to your smartphone. Before installing, do not forget to enable Unknown sources or unknown sources in your Android smartphone settings. How:

  1. Go to Settings or settings on your Android phone.
  2. Scroll down and click Security.
  3. Then activate the Unknown sources option.
  4. Next, open the file manager on your Android.
  5. Select Play Store APK that you have downloaded and installed.

Do not forget to disable Unknown sources after installing Play Store.
How to Update Google Play Store

As Jaka explained above, this is also useful for those of you who have issues with the Play Store and want to update to the latest version. Here are the steps.

Open the Play Store app.

Wipe from left to right or press option button and select Settings.
Next, scroll down and look for Play Store version options. Now, just click to start downloading the latest version of the Play Store. That’s if the update has been visiting your region.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of Google Play Store. How, very easy is not it? That’s how Google Play Store installs on Android devices that are not installed, lost, or are accidentally erased.

Google Play Service will usually take up most of your RAM and storage as well, since Google Play Service is not a regular app, it’s still a mysterious app for some Android users! When you try to open it, nothing will happen, so you cannot use it. However, Google Play Service is installed by default on all Android devices.

Moreover, Google Play Service also gets regular updates, and permissions to access various things on your phone (access to sensitive log data, access to all information from Google apps, etc.).

Maybe it can be concluded that Google Play Service is an application that is very closely related to the Android system itself.

What is Google Play Service?

It seems that Google Play Service is an application programming interface “API” (things that help programmers and allows apps to easily communicate with other apps) that can ensure that the update of the app is independent of the Android OS update.

Examples such as Google Maps application, before the Google Play Service update Google Maps application is dependent with Android OS Update, well of course you yourself know how to update the Android OS.

With Google Play Service you do not have to wait for Google Maps update along with Android update, of course, this is very helpful because we can get the update of the application is faster and also not limited to new Android phones because all Android phones can enjoy it.

Not all apps get privileges from Google Play Service, only apps with Brand ‘Google’ like Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google+, Gmail, and others who can enjoy it.