Interviewing your data

Sorted data from the eCRIS election database for Connecticut political committees.

Today we’ll spend the whole class digging through different data. I have some different databases listed below.

We’ll spend some time interviewing the data here. Look through the numbers. Are there any outliers? Are there trends in the figures? What is the data telling you? What is the news?

Once you pick a number to use, practice writing a paragraph or two explaining the news from the numbers and describing the data accurately.

Include a screenshot or tally of the numbers you found, exactly as it appears in the spreadsheet.

Post your draft on Medium and submit to the JRN225 projects publication.

Connecticut Election Data

eCRIS Data downloads

Stories from this kind of data:

Adamowski: “I’m burying Cassetti in fundraising.” | Staffieri is winning the Derby money race by a wide margin

Financial Aid

Student Aid Data Center


Division II Academic Progress Rate Search

Archive Team-by-Team Final Statistics

Championship statistics

Census movement data

Migration/Geographic Mobility

Census mobility map

Look through these data sheets to tell a story about people moving in and out of Connecticut.

CT Open Data Portal

Home page

Information Technology Capital Investment Program

SCSU Factbook

Home page — Search enrollment trends, department information, faculty data, etc.

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