The vision behind the decision

As we embark on what is probably the most exciting week of our young company’s existence (Bot the Builder), it’s important to take the time out and to reflect on the achievements to date — to understand what got us to where we are and what we need to continue to do going forward.

I have always had a burning desire to enrich other peoples lives, and to do so at a larger scale than my own capacity. Having a vision like this meant that I had to be part of something that could add value to another person, even when I wasn’t present. This vision led me to enter the industry of scalable software, and it is where I have spent the majority of my professional life.

Prior to making this decision, I was toying with the idea of working for large corporates. I had received multiple offers, and the pay was substantially better, but these companies did not have a vision that could encompass my own.

So, I joined a startup. Said startup obviously had their own vision, but I felt that while helping said company, I could also satisfy mine.

The result? I would wake up excited, because every day I was working towards my own vision.

Takeaway #1: Work for a company that has the capacity to include your own life vision. You will no longer need the myth of a ‘work life balance.’ Instead, you would have ‘work life integration.’

Now, because I was excited to go to work every day, I was also dead keen to learn. I’m no Tai Lopez, but I was reading a book a week (various biographies, up skill books and personal development), I was trialling new work productivity techniques and I was always asking for more.

The result? Within six months I was elevated to the Head of Product and also spent an interim period as the acting CEO. This wasn’t because I was the hardest worker, it was because I was the most passionate.

Takeaway #2: By working for a company that has a complementary vision to your own, your performance will increase and you will be presented with more opportunities.

Given this desire to learn, I developed more as a person in the space of six months, than I did during the five years I spent at university. I had found my passion, and I was more confident than I had ever been, so I started to explore ways to achieve my vision on my own terms.

Now, because I was working towards my own vision, I was naturally becoming surrounded by like-minded individuals, who were also looking for ways to achieve their vision on their own terms. We knew that if we coupled our passion and our skill sets, then we could create something greater than any one of us could do alone.

The result? We started our own company. And we decided to call it Bot the Builder.

Takeaway #3: With new skills and a noticeable passion, you will attract like-minded people, where both parties can benefit from entering a long term relationship.

Today, I do not work — at least I do not feel like I do. I wake up everyday and ‘work’ towards my vision, as do my friends (yes friends — notice I did not call them colleagues like mainstream society would).

If you’re reading this, I hope this provides you with the inspiration to follow your own vision, and make that ‘easy’ decision :)

Find your vision, and then pursue it. From this internal understanding, the decisions you make will take you to where you always wanted to be.

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