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What is JRP Creative All About?

Welcome to the first article in the JRP Creative publication.

This one is simply going to be to go over what JRP Creative is.

What we believe in.

The mission.

The values.

All of that type of stuff.

JRP Creative is a business and a brand that I started building over the last few years in order to help others with their content, and to also play a role in trying to make the world of content better.

We’ve gotten to an age where everyone is their own media department, and there are some really terrible content creators out there.

We also live in a world of clickbait, pattern interrupts, jump cuts, and all sorts of other “tricks” that are designed to get eyeballs, thumbs, and clicks all around the internet.

No part of our mission with JRP Creative is necessarily to discredit the art (if you will) of growing online… but it is to help people make their content higher quality content.

Actually higher quality.

Not meaning more clicks, views, or engagement, but meaning content that will actually make a difference to those who read it, see it, or listen to it.

Here’s the Backstory.

When I was in college, I was doing what all college kids do and looking around on Google for ways to make money online.

I didn’t want to leave my dorm room and/or get a job, and I knew that the internet was there, so I figured I could find a way to “work from home.”

To make a long story short, I never really found that online work that I was looking for, but I found myself deep down a rabbit hole of content creation…. and I started a podcast from my dorm room.

A creator I was following actually had a challenge that I took part in to try and post long-form content on a daily basis for a year. That’s what I did with my first podcast.

(Fun side note: that challenge is also how I found out about Medium)

After fully producing a podcast episode every day for 365 days straight, I learned a ton about the process, and also developed an eye (or I guess an ear) for all of the problems in other podcasts.

I took this skill, this knack that I had, and I started trying to find people that could benefit from all that I had learned.

Fast forward to today, and JRP Creative is slowly but surely helping other influencers, business owners, and the like with their long-form content, and growing into other areas as well.

Now Let’s Talk About Values.

Not to make this sound like a cliché 10am business class in college, but it really is important to understand your values both as a person and as a company.

For me, my personal values and company values are perfectly aligned because, well… I started the company.

Here’s the breakdown:

1.) Always do the Right Thing.

Even if no one is watching. Even if no one will benefit from it. You need to always do what you know in your mind and in your heart is the right thing.

2.) Overdeliver.

A big part of our philosophy deals with being better than the competition, and providing the best for the people that we work with. Overdelivering is the surefire way to live up to those standards.

3.) Learn Indefinitely.

This one is self-explanatory. We are a company based around content, as a matter of fact, long-form content. Blogs, podcasts, videos, documentaries, and so on are all examples of long form content, and they are all resources for learning. To stop learning is to stop growing, and to stop growing is to stop living.

4.) Character Comes Before Reputation.

Taken from the mind of Coach John Wooden, we find it incredibly important to understand the difference between one’s character, and one’s reputation, and to always focus on the former. Character represents the truth. Reputation represents the interpretation of the truth.

5.) Have Fun.

Thrown in at number five, just as a reminder, is the idea that we need to have fun. We 100% believe that to have the most efficient relationships, people need to work hard together, and play hard together. Any lack of fun is a sign that you might as well give up on what you are doing.

6.) Practice 100% Responsibility.

Everything is 100% your fault. Period. If you have anything to do with the situation, then you have everything to do with the situation. This is not a value that is meant to be taken in a legal sense or technical sense. The value is in understanding that your actions will lead to your results. So act accordingly.

7.) Master the Art of Discipline.

As far as I’m concerned, discipline is the glue that holds everything together. Without discipline, you do not have any of the other values mentioned above. Being able to hold yourself to what you say you are going to do is huge. It is also simple. The only thing that makes discipline challenging is yourself. So work on it, until it doesn’t feel like work anymore.

In Conclusion

Hopefully that lets everyone in on a better understanding of what JRP Creative is all about.

This publication is the newest project we are taking on, and we will see where it goes from here.

Again, our goal is heavily involved in trying to help people become their own media department, create their own content, and create the best quality content.

Not necessarily the most famous, or the ones with the most clicks.

But the ones that change the most lives.

We hope to see you around.




Our focus is to create quality content in Media Production, Leadership, and a few other areas. To bring quality content to the avid readers, and also open doors for others who want to write their own content.

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