Site Analysis Tools

A short list of tools to analyse your site and find optimisations you may have missed

When working on my site I like to be able to check if I have set things up right, and see what changes I should make, these tools aim to help find these changes.

Overall Settings

Mozilla Observatory

This gives you an overview of headers, and also includes many of the other sites on this list

SSL Settings

SSL Labs

Checks your SSL configuration, letting you see if you have a bad setup, certificate issues, or even just weak prototcol support.

Security Headers

Checks your site to see which security headers you have set, and which ones you can set to increase security.



General SEO analysis, shows things like load speed, missing meta tags and other things that limit your site’s ability to do well on Google and other search engines

If you know of any good sites I have missed please mention them in the comments, there are always more useful tools to discover.