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Distributed Systems & Baskets

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Blockchain, Kubernetes, and even Remote Work have one beautiful thing in common — the concept of distributed work. At their best.

Also, the fact that they are still software development buzzwords even today…but let’s just skate past that.

Dare I say, we know what distributed systems are — multiple linked nodes connected for a purpose. Usually, to share tasks in a grander scheme of things.

At their best, you get:

  • Smooth scalability
  • Reliability
  • Fault tolerance
  • Better performance

They, essentially, form networks.

A distributed agile team seems to require a slightly different blend of working principles. Ones that hope to achieve similar benefits to efficient distributed systems.

This may mean, in Kafka’s perspective, having a Zookeeper — an overseer — who monitors and maintains node configurations. In addition to, promoting Follower nodes to Leader nodes. With this delegation, the overseer can keep tabs on the nodes through fewer avenues, while the Leader nodes maintain consensus with their peers.

This is important for any agile software team. More so because it brings into focus other related aspects like job specialization — FE/BE Civil Wars — and Software Engineering Lead roles.

So, what about baskets? It’s Easter time…you probably know what they say about too many eggs in one basket.



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