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What’s in a name?

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The advent of TypeScript meant a couple of things. Mostly, it meant that a scripting language, like JavaScript, could drink more Type Kool-Aid like many OOP languages. Be it Type inference or Type annotation.

It also meant…

  • Better IDE IntelliSense during active development — like function arguments and responses sneak peeks.
  • More readable code — compared to vanilla types like any and object 😩
  • Conditions and checks got a little more brief. Try using typeof in your predicates instead of looking for some properties.

if (typeof someArg === "string") { /* do something */}

  • More syntax and logic bug hunting done during development — not after deployment.
  • Conversations and code gained more clarity. Especially, for growing codebases and teams. Properly defining Interfaces, Classes, Types, and nicknames 👀 …got a little more essential.

Oh, so JB not JC created the Feature Interface. Cool cool.

A lot can be said about a developer and her tools.

Often, a good match-up can drive better development practices, augment skills, reduce frustrations, and contribute to some beautiful software deliverables.




Brief writings on some nifty Software Development practices, how-tos, and tools. (Background: Photo by Nothing Ahead from Pexels)

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