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Node 16 & Angular 12

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Rejoice! Angular 12 & Node 16 were fresh-out-of-the-box earlier this year.

I’m here…now 😬…mostly because of node-sass. It is a wrapper on the package Libsass written in C++.

Why do we care? It helps to transpile .scss or .sass files in our Node projects.

Once you revamp your Node to v16 and do an npm i …you might come across some node-sass console errors.

If you are still using node-sass, here’s probably why:

Buuut….there’s hope. To still keep up with sass updates in our transpilation, we have sass from Dart Sass.

For all us Angular cool cats, going forward from v12 sass, not node-sass, becomes the recommended transpiler. This is important if your project uses Angular CDK or Angular Material.

So, switching from node-sass to sass to get past your console errors…is a plus, no?




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