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Tech Debt Scouting

A group of kids scouting
Photo by cottonbro

“Always check a module in cleaner than when you checked it out.”

Tech debt is that gate-crasher you never invite to the Development party, but have to somehow make room for.

We’ve tried actively monitoring it to catch it, right?

In development, Pull Requests, in testing, and even in chats…yet somehow…it slips through. Can it be helped?

We do have some relief with the Boy Scout rule.

I used to be a Girl Scout 😐…which has very little to do with this piece.

I also wanted to be a Software Engineer because of an old copy of The Missing Manual from the notable folks at O’Reilly. This isn’t about that either.

This is, however, in reference to a piece of writing by Uncle Bob — one of those notable folks at O’Reilly. He said it best.

“…what if we always made some effort, no matter how small, to improve the module? What would be the result?”



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