How To Map Cities With Vue, GeoJSON, And Google: Box Set

Daniel Smith
Apr 24 · 1 min read

I recently wrote a 5 part series that shows how to do mapping, and searching which can be filtered to within City Boundaries. I use Vue.js, Google Maps and Places, GeoJSON, and polygon filtering. This Box Set points at all of the articles, and the Github source repo. As a bonus, I also point to an earlier posting where I give some thoughts about what it is like to work with the Google Places API.

The Articles:

To be clear, it is an end to end example, but not meant to be the ultimate example of error checking, UI, component layout, etc. It’s an instructive stripped down blend of a bunch of parts. Have fun!

The Code Repo:

Check out the example at:

Bonus Article

When I was learning about using some of the Google Maps API, I ran into a few things that struck me as odd, or missing. I wrote about that:

Making API faces at Google Maps and Places

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