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I was literally doing the chicken dance after watching Sarah Drasner’s Smashing Magazine live coding session where she mentioned hub(and some cool other stuffs!). Great job Sarah!

As developers, we know GitHub is our Facebook(at least I do). We also know we spend the most time in the command-line bickering on the keyboard(ls, cd ../../, git push, etc)

Github + Command-line = Hub 😘

Hub is a brilliant command-line tool that allows you to interact efficiently and productively with your Github account and repos directly from the command-line.

hub is an extension to command-line git that helps you do everyday GitHub tasks without ever leaving the terminal.

Well if you are like me who loves the CLI then this is like the next best thing to Productivity heaven! I think I can hear someone saying:

How do I get into the Hub?

If you are on a Mac or a Linux machine, you can easily install hub by running:

brew install hub

N.B: Make sure you have Homebrew or Linuxbrew installed for either Mac or Linux respectively.

Other Platforms(e.g Windows) would have to build from source.

Install Successful!

After installing, you can check if hub is active by typing

hub version

The above command would return both a git hub’s version numbers. Anything other than that, call in the Calvary! something went wrong 😃

hub Overview

This is awesome! with hub, you can easily clone your GitHub repo onto your local machine by running:

hub clone repoName

This is equivalent to running:

git clone git://github.com/YOUR_USER/repoName.git

You can open the current project’s issues via:

hub browse -- issues

and so much more…

I hope you are as excited with the hub CLI tool, Let me know what you think about it after you install it and have given it a whirl.


Happy deploying 🚀 🚀 🚀



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