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VueUse - The library that makes Vue 3 worth the upgrade

Composition API promotes a much better paradigm of sharing code between components. Explicit dependencies and namespacing by design enable us to share code even between different projects. This is the main idea behind VueUse.

VueUse is a collection of 200+ essential utility functions for interacting with various APIs like browser, state, network, animation, time and more.

A small sample of these utilities enables you to:

and so many more!

Extensible with add-ons

The core package aims to be lightweight and dependence free. Integration with popular packages is supported using add-ons. This ensures a consistent API style.

Some existing add-ons currently are:

More information about VueUse addons here.


Let’s explore some examples from the official VueUse docs.


Creates a zone where files can be dropped.

Dropzone interactive demo


Reactive Clipboard API.

Clipboard interactive demo

Click outside utility

Listen for clicks outside of an element.

Click outside interactive demo


Create a parallax effect. It uses useDeviceOrientationand fallback to useMouseif orientation is not supported.

Parallax interactive demo


Something that you definitely have implemented in the past. A debounced watch.

WatchDebounced interactive demo


useTimeAgo interactive demo


We only touched the surface, but hopefully, you got the idea of how awesome this library is. There are hundreds of utilities to explore (currently 274!), and the number is constantly rising. Of course, you can contribute your own If you find something’s missing.

Libraries like VueUse are leading the way to make Vue awesome again. They promote code reusability and improve the overall developer experience.

Dive into the awesome documentation, spread the word and maybe give the author a credit (or buy him a coffee ☕️).



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